How to Subscribe to Salesforce Trust Notifications

Get Near Real-Time Notifications About Incidents & Maintenance For Your Salesforce Instance

Salesforce Trust Notifications

As a Salesforce professional, you should be on top of every information regarding your Salesforce org. If there is any disruption or performance degradation in your Salesforce Org, you need to know about at the earliest possible and proactively communicate to your management and users. is Salesforce’s website which provides transparent status details on service availability, performance, security, privacy, and compliance on Salesforce systems.

There are 4 ways in which you can get information from 

  1. Manually check
  2. Subscribe to trust notifications on email
  3. Subscribe to trust notifications through RSS
  4.  Make an API call to Trust APIs

Subscribing to trust notifications on email is probably the easiest and most convenient way to keep yourself in the know and is the focus of this blog post. However, let’s take a small detour and learn about Trust API first before we learn how to subscribe through email.

Salesforce Trust API

Bigger, larger organizations typically have their own monitoring and incident management systems and may want to integrate that with Salesforce. This can best be done by scheduling a job to make an API call to Salesforce Trust APIs, analyse the response and take action accordingly. 

For example the following API call will return incidents, maintenances, and general messages associated to instance ‘AP15’

and the value of Status can be one of the following

  • OK

If the value of status is anything other than OK, you may want to log a ticket in your incident management system, page the Salesforce Admin and notify other stakeholders

To get more information about Trust API, available endpoints, parameters required and the response provided, please refer to URL

Now, let’s take a look at how to subscribe to these notifications through email.

Subscribe to Trust Notifications on Email

Determine Your Salesforce Instance

Navigate to the ‘Company Information’ page in your Salesforce org setup -> Look for Salesforce org instance under ‘Organization Edition” e.g. Ours is AP15 as seen in the screenshot.

company information page
Subscribe to Salesforce Trust Notifications

Navigate to -> Type your instance name in search box -> Click the magnifying glass icon to search

trust website

Click the instance name

instance name

Click ‘Subscribe’


Enter your ‘Email Address’ -> Click ‘Send me a link to sign in/sign up’ 

enter details

You will receive an email. Click the link in the email

email with link

Now you are logged on to the Salesforce Trust website. Notice, it says ‘You currently have 0 subscriptions for instances.’ Let’s subscribe for one then. Click ‘Create New’ 

create subscription

Select ‘Instance’ -> Type your instance name in search box -> Select your instance -> Click ‘Next’

select instance

Select the services for which you would like to receive notification -> Click ‘Submit’

select services

Your subscription is created. Similarly, you can subscribe to more than one instance if required. 

Let’s create a subscription for General Message. Click Create and follow the instructions as earlier.

subscription created

You are now subscribed to General Message. 

If you wish, you can add your mobile number and receive notifications on email and mobile both. Click ‘add’ under mobile.

add mobile

Enter your mobile number -> You will receive an OTP on your phone -> Verify the OTP and your mobile number will be added. However, this facility is currently available for mobile numbers in USA only.

enter mobile number

You can also change the language to receive notifications in your preferred language -> Click ‘Edit’ under Language

edit language

Following are the available languages to choose from. Click on any one language to change the preference. 

choose language

So you’re all set. Whenever there’s an update posted on the Trust website, you will receive an email as per the following. It can be a general message or something related to an incident or maintenance related to your instance.

email notification
Manage Salesforce Trust Notifications Subscription

If you wish to modify your subscription, then simply navigate to -> Click ‘Log In’ 


Enter your ‘Email Address’ -> Click ‘Send me a link to sign in/sign up’ 

enter email

Now you can either add or remove a single subscription or click ‘Unsubscribe All’ to stop all notifications.

manage subscription

Stay in the know with Salesforce Trust Notifications and be an #AwesomeAdmin as you always were.

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