How to Analyze Permissions of Users in Salesforce Org

#1MinuteTip In Salesforce, there isn’t an easy, out of the box way to report on the permissions of your users. Users can be granted access through their profiles, permission sets and/or permission set groups and then there are object permissions, field permissions, system permissions, app permissions and more.

Consider this scenario. If I ask you to list all the users who have ‘Modify All Data’ permission, how will you do it? Or if I ask you to list all the permissions that a user has, whether through profile, permission set or permission set group, will you be able to do it?

Finding out who has what access and why, can be daunting even for seasoned administrators. This is where this App from Salesforce Labs can come in quite handy. Watch the following video and see if this is something that can be useful for you.

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