Feedback on Our Salesforce Blog – 04

#60 Detailed step which couldn’t be found me even in Salesforce documentation

– Swati on Blog Step By Step Guide to Importing Articles in Salesforce Knowledge via Survey on 04-May-20

#59 Hi Ashish,

I’m new starting out as a Salesforce business analyst, your posts are clear and concise, and also very helpful as you succinctly explain the changes one is making and where it is getting impacted. So I wanted to just say thank you!

– Natalia via Feedback form on 23-Apr-20

#58 Came across your blog. Excellent one ! You should be doing your own youtube channel

– Ramya via LinkedIn on 22-Apr-20

#57 Thank you so much….:)
Clarified most of my doubts:):)HAPPYY:))

– Shanthipriya on blog Data Classification Settings in Salesforce – A Step By Step Guide via blog Comment on 13-Apr-20

#56 This is Fab!
Can’t thank you enough for the terrific study guide you have compiled which not only points to the exact location where we need to focus but also helps me remain focussed throughout my learning journey!
I love to read and learn from your blog , thanks for being my virtual mentor!
God Bless your Ohana!

– Ani via Feedback form on 08-Apr-20

#55 Very detailed and easy to follow instructions! Thank you!

– Rachana on blog How to Integrate Document Management System with Salesforce using Salesforce Files Connect via Blog Comment on 03-Apr-20

#54 Thank you so much Ashish! This is one of the few times that I was able to follow the detailed instruction and things just worked!
You have saved me several days of searching and trying out and failing and trying out again!

– Relaford on blog Step-By-Step Guide to Get Started with Salesforce REST API using Java via blog Comment on 03-Apr-20

#53 Hi Ashish, Your study guides are amazing! I am using the Advanced Admin now. Thank you for putting the time into creating them. I look to take the exam sometime in May if not before. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during the trying times. Nancy

– Nancy on blog A Comprehensive Study Guide on Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam via LinkedIn on 01-Apr-20

#52 For sure screenshots were very helpful and I like the idea of making an manual about a specific process that corresponds to real-life challenge.

– Daria on blog How to Lock Records in Salesforce via Survey on 16-Mar-20

#51 Thank you Ashish you are a life saver..seriously, I was looking for salesforce language translation procedure on internet everywhere and there was no clear documentation/blog anywhere. Finally I hit your site and bam, Your website provided a free downloadable pdf containing step by step method to translate an org into other languages. My super boss was happy with my response. I am really grateful !

– Anupam on blog How to Setup Multi Language in Salesforce via Survey on 19-Mar-20

#50 Thanks for the details on this exam, your cheatsheet was one of the best out on the interwebs!

– Adam on blog A Comprehensive Study Guide on Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant Exam via Survey on 10-Mar-20

#49 The walk through is not only easy and straight forward to follow, but also very very current and accurate. It actually worked and took much less than 60 minutes (maybe closer to 15 minutes).

– Yvan on blog A 60 Minutes Step-By-Step DIY Guide to Salesforce REST API for Non-Developers via Survey on 04-Mar-20

#48 The fact that it is in synch with the portions to study for the exam, and the links save a lot of time. Makes studying easier.

– Mark on blog A Comprehensive Study Guide For Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam via Survey on 01-Mar-20

#47 These daily tips from @asagarwal are pretty amazing!

– Mark on 1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute Emails on Salesforce Release Features via Twitter on 29-Feb-20

#46 “Completedness” – I like that it did not ignore anything in the official SF exam guide

– Mixhael on blog A Comprehensive Study Guide For Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam via Survey on 29-Feb-20

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