Useful Resources: Diagramming Tools

Diagramming Tools

Use a diagramming tool to draw architecture diagram, system landscape, process flows, flowchart, entity-relationship diagram (ERD), sequence diagram, data flow diagram, etc. These tools are indispensable at every stage of your Salesforce implementation.

(Tools, that I personally use/have used and recommend are marked with a heart)

1. LucidChart ()

  • My favorite diagramming tool
  • Cloud-based
  • Has a free plan with limited features
  • Paid plan starts from US$ 7.95/user/month (7 days free trial)


  • Cloud-based
  • Free

3. Microsoft Visio

  • Cloud-based & desktop-based 
  • Paid subscription plan starts from US$ 5/user/month (Free 7 days trial)
  • Desktop application starts from US$280

4. Omnigraffle

  • Desktop-based
  • Available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone
  • Paid
    • US$ 249/license for Mac (Free 14 days trial)
    • US$ 119/License for iOS (Free 14 days trial)

5. Creatly

  • Cloud-based & Desktop-based
  • Has a free plan with limited features
  • Paid plan starts from US$ 4/user/month (30-day money guarantee)
  • Desktop application starts from US$ 75

6. Gliffy

  • Cloud-based
  • Integration with JIRA & Confluence
  • Paid plan starts from US$ 7.99/user/month (14-days free trial)

7. SmartDraw

  • Cloud-based
  • Paid plan starts from US$ 9.95/user/month

Don’t see the tool of your choice listed here? Please feel free to mention it in the comments below for other readers’ benefit.

Want to see a list of more of such useful resources & tools under different categories? Please do take a look at the resources page.

3 thoughts on “Useful Resources: Diagramming Tools”

  1. Ashish,

    Please check out

    It is an ERD tool I have been working on with some colleagues. Totally free to use and packed with features. If you take a look you’ll find it will beat every single one of the tools you mentioned in this post in terms of features and speed.

    Login as a guest and get started. No registration required.

    Would really appreciate it if you can add this on your list for your readers to enjoy! Thank you.

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