#DF20 Dreamforce 2020 Opening Keynote Highlights

A Quick Recap of Product Announcements

Enhanced Salesforce Customer 360

Here is the Salesforce Products Landscape after Dreamforce 2020 Keynote. This includes Slack & Salesforce Hyperforce.

salesforce products landscape


Salesforce recently acquired Slack, a leading business communication platform. It turns out to be the largest acquisition ever by Salesforce to date. Now Slack has been added to the Customer 360 suite of products. 

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Salesforce introduced Hyperforce, a complete reimagination, and re-architecture of the Force.com platform. Now Salesforce customers will be able to deploy Salesforce apps and services securely on major public clouds.

Hyperforce features include:

  • Performance at B2B and B2C scale
  • Built-In Trust
  • Local Data Storage
  • Backward Compatibility
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Einstein Automate (GA)

einstein automate

Einstein Automate is an end-to-end process automation solution that empowers companies to be more productive and efficient.  It lets you declaratively configure smart workflows and integrate data across any unrelated systems with clicks, not code.

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Flow Orchestrator (Beta Summer ’21)

flow orchestrator

Flow Orchestrator is a brand new low-code tool for Workflow development. It allows users to create robust workflows that automate otherwise complex, cumbersome multi-user, inter-dependent business processes, and approvals. With Flow Orchestrator, companies can fast track projects and minimize delays in delivering solutions. 

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Mulesoft Composer (GA Spring ’21)

mulesoft composer

All new MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce offers the most efficient way to connect siloed systems, apps, and data to Salesforce and create a holistic, 360-degree view of your customer, without the need to write any additional code. It comes with a library of pre-built connectors and templates that allow admins and developers to quickly and easily automate integrations.

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Industry Public Sector Solutions (GA)

industry public sector solutions

Public Sector solutions from Salesforce are revolutionizing the capabilities of the public sector just like the private one. Using these solutions, public sector agencies are able to deliver the same high-quality, personalized service as the private sector. Seamlessly manage License and Permit Management, Inspection Management, and Emergency Program Management using one single platform.

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Customer 360 Audiences and Customer 360 Privacy Center (GA)

customer 360 audiences and customer 360 privacy center

Customer 360 Audiences

Customer 360 Audiences is a self-service customer data management tool. You can utilize it to drive more personalization and engagement with your customers. It is organized in a series of tabs and sections. You follow a series of steps in this process to send your data to chosen activation platforms.

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Customer 360 Privacy Center

It is a managed package that allows you to adhere to data privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can also be transparent in fulfilling your customer requests on how their personally identifiable information (PII) is stored, deleted, and transferred.

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Salesforce Order Management (GA)

salesforce order management

Use Order Management to handle all aspects of the order lifecycle starting from order capturing, fulfillment, shipment, processing of payments, and finally to service.  It is integrated with B2C Commerce and natively supports Service Cloud to provide a single view of order and service history.

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Einstein Discovery in Tableau (GA 2021)

einstein discovery in tableau

Now Einstein Discovery brings AI-powered predictions and recommendations to Tableau. The Einstein Discovery dashboard extension comes along with predictions, explanations, and suggestions for improvement right into the Tableau dashboard, based on the data in your context.

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Workforce Engagement (GA Summer ’21)

workforce engagement

Workforce Engagement allows service industry executives and managers to forecast customer demand and organize & schedule their entire team. Now you can fill in the right agents with the right skills at the right time based on the requirement.

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Einstein Call Coaching for Video (GA Spring ’21)

einstein call coaching for video

Einstein Call Coaching for Video uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze trends, key moments and identifies what a team member committed to during the meeting, and automatically schedules follow-up tasks. Salesforce Meetings is available today in the pilot. Reach out to your account executive for more information.

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