A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Dynamic Actions in Salesforce

Dynamic Actions in Salesforce

Dynamic Actions in Salesforce is a new feature introduced with the Winter ’21 release. You can now choose which actions appear in the Highlights Panel on the object’s record page based on specific conditions. Dynamic Actions for custom objects are Generally Available on Desktop and Beta for Mobile. Dynamic Actions for supported Standard objects are Beta on Desktop. 

Use Dynamic Actions along with Dynamic Forms, which was introduced in Spring ‘20 release, to truly offer a streamlined experience to the right users at the right time. It helps to reduce the clutter in the Highlights Panel as the actions can be filtered to appear based on a record field value. Also, you can set the filter by Form Actor and a Field value from any related entity such as User, Device, and Permissions. e.g. Show a particular quick action when a picklist field has a certain value when the checkbox is true,  Opportunity has reached a certain stage or display an action only to a particular set of users, etc. 

Once Dynamic Actions in Salesforce is enabled, the actions that are added to the record page layout in setup are no longer applicable. They are now controlled from Lightning App Builder where you can add, reorder, and/or remove actions with a modern UI and a live preview. 

Dynamic Actions along with Dynamic Forms are redefining the Salesforce record page UI and taking you away from the traditional page layout. Here is a short guide that offers a first look at setting up Dynamic Actions in Salesforce in just under 10-15 minutes. This guide covers how to:

  • Enable Dynamic Actions
  • Analyze the Impact
  • Add Actions to Highlights Panel
  • Set Actions Visibility and Test

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I also conducted a session with ApexHours that included the live demo of Dynamic Forms & Actions. Here is the link to the session video. The following video will start from 21:05 minutes on the timeline where the section on Dynamic Actions starts (0:00 to 21:05 minutes on the timeline is the section on Dynamic Forms)

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