Whom to Send Flow Error Notification Emails?

#1MinuteTip When a flow interview fails, Salesforce sends an email with details about everything that was executed and what failed. The details include the data that’s involved in the flow, including user-entered data. You can choose whose to send this email to

  1. Send email to the user who last modified the Flow
  2. Send email to one or more Salesforce Users
  3. Send email to an external email address / distribution list

First navigate to Process Automation Settings under Setup and select the option for ‘Send Process or Flow Error Email to’

Whom to Send Flow Error Notification Email?

If selecting Apex Exception Email Recipients, then navigate to Apex Exception Email Setting under the setup and specify the Salesforce users and/or external email address where you want to send such emails.

If you want to send the email to a distribution list then you can create the distribution list on your email server and enter the email address under ‘External Email Address’

Whom to Send Flow Error Notification Email?

Reference & Useful URLs

  1. Training course: Mastering Salesforce Flows

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