Which Users have Critical Permission Assignments in Your Salesforce Org?

#1MinuteTip To keep your Salesforce Org secure one of the things that an admin should regularly check is which users have critical permission assignments in the org. And how do you do this?

It’s very easy. Just go to your Salesforce Optimizer App and look for “Critical Permission Assignments” under the Feature as shown below. It will list all the users who have critical permission assignments.

Critical Permission Assignments in Salesforce

Though I couldn’t find any documentation on what is considered as “Critical Permission Assignments” in Salesforce Optimizer, I could see the users having the following permissions listed here.

  1. Manage Sharing
  2. Manage Roles
  3. Manage Profiles and Permission Sets
  4. Manage Password Policies
  5. Manage Login Access Policies
  6. Manage IP Addresses
  7. Manage Users
  8. Modify All Data
  9. View All Data
  10. Customize Application

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