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Receive Report Results as Formatted Spreadsheet

When you subscribe to a Report in Salesforce, a new option lets you choose to receive results as Formatted Spreadsheet attached to the subscription email.
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Run Flow in System Context

Now you can bypass the running user’s permissions by setting your Flow to run in system context with sharing
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Assign Task to a Queue

With Salesforce Spring 20 release, you can now assign a Task to a Queue to share workload efficiently.
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Share a Record Page From Salesforce Mobile App

With the new Link Share icon, it’s easy to share a record page with a colleague right from the Salesforce mobile app.
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Edit Reports Faster – Turn Off Automatic Updates to the Report Preview

Salesforce Spring 20 Release - Turn Off Automatic Updates to the Report Preview to Edit Reports Faster
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Compare Fields in Report Filter

Salesforce Spring 20 Release - Compare the values of two different report fields and return records that satisfy the comparison criteria with a Field-to-Field Filter.
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Manage Your Customers’ Communication Preferences

Salesforce Spring 20 Release - Manage Your Customers’ communication preferences with new objects. Store when and how your customers consented to be contacted
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Here are 8 ways in which you can familiarize yourself with the new features and functionalities introduced in Salesforce Spring '20 release.
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