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Estimating a Software Project

#1MinuteTip Came across this tweet from Daniel Peter on estimating a software project. This is too good ... and so true! 😊
1 Minute Tips

A Junior Developer Fixing Bugs

#1MinuteTip A junior developer fixing bugs. I can so relate to this. 😊
1 Minute Tips

When Your Code Works but You Have No Idea How

#1MinuteTip Salesforce announces the beta release of Salesforce Code Builder - a much awaited full featured IDE in browser. It is a modern, web-based development ...
1 Minute Tips

Is This How Your #TDX22 Calendar Looks?

#1MinuteTip Came across this tweet from Daniel Peter. Getting ready to attend #TDX22? I bet this is how you must have stuffed your calendar.
1 Minute Tips

When You Forgot to Activate Your Flow

#1MinuteTip What happens when you forget to activate your flow?
1 Minute Tips

How to Turn Bug into a Feature

#1MinuteTip #FunFriday Saw this on LinkedIn and couldn't stop myself from laughing and sharing. What a creativity.
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