Salesforce Email Relay

In simple terms “Email Relay” means that any email that needs to go out from your Salesforce Org will be sent through your company’s email (SMTP) Server and not through Salesforce SMTP Servers.

There are different scenarios under which emails can be sent out from a Salesforce Org. For example

  1. User can send emails from Salesforce by navigating to a lead, contact or case record and use the ‘Email’ functionality to send emails manually
  2. Admins can configure the org to send emails automatically through workflow rules, process builder or flows based on certain events like creation/closure of a case
  3. Developers can send emails through Apex
  4. Users can subscribe to emails for Chatter groups and posts
  5. Salesforce itself can send system emails. For example for password resets, when a sandbox is ready, when sharing rules are recalulated, when weekly data export file ready and so on

Normally Salesforce uses it’s own SMTP servers to send email. But many organizations may want the mails to be routed through their email server rather than using Salesforce servers. Now this may be because of compliance & security reasons or they may not want the recipient’s email server to treat these emails as spoofing forgery

You can route all emails sent from Salesforce through your organization’s email (SMTP) server by configuring  a feature called Email Relay. Configuring Email Relay is actually very simple, but if you run into issues it can easily consume a couple of days.

With this blog post and the step-by-step guide, I have tried to make the whole process of setting up Email Relay very clear and prescriptive. I have also added some troubleshooting tips towards the end so that if you do run into issues, at least you will know where to look for the problem. Check it out and …. happy relaying

(Though this guide configures email relay in Salesforce with G Suite, you should be able to follow these steps to configure it with with any other email server)

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