Step By Step Guide To Delegated Administration in Salesforce

Salesforce Delegated Administration

Use Delegated Administration in your Salesforce Org to grant a group of users the privileges to create/manage users within their own department or Business Unit without giving them System Admin privileges. 

Delegated Administration, as the name suggests, means delegating some of your administrative duties to others.

Delegated Administrator Duties

Some of the duties that Delegated Administrator can perform is to create users with specific role and profile, unlock a user, reset password.

Other than managing users, Delegated Administrators can also manage custom objects with a few restrictions (please refer to the links in references section below). However they can’t make changes to Standard Objects and cannot assign System Administrator or any profile which contains “View All Data” or “Modify All Data” system permissions.  

Once you have created Delegated Administration Groups and users are performing the tasks, it is recommended that you monitor their activity on a regular basis. It is a good practice to review the changes being made to your org. In this case, Setup Audit Trail is your bae. It will be watching every action they take in Setup. It is a go place to troubleshoot any mishaps that may arise due to any mistakes by your appointees. After all they are not #AwesomeAdmin like you.

Here is all the information you need to setup and monitor delegated administration Salesforce. This includes:

  • Create Delegated Administration Group
  • Test Delegated Administration
  • Monitor Delegated Administrators’ Activities

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References & Useful URLs

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