Shouldn’t Salesforce Code Builder Be Renamed “Salesforce IDE”?

#1MinuteTip Wouldn’t it make sense to rename Salesforce Code Builder to “Salesforce IDE”?

The current name, “Code Builder,” seems somewhat narrow, primarily suggesting a focus on coding. However, its capabilities extend far beyond. Shouldn’t Salesforce rename it to “Salesforce IDE” for these compelling reasons?

  1. Universal Recognition: “IDE” is a term every developer understands. It’s time we spoke the same language.
  2. Professional Appeal: Such a rename would reflect the tool’s comprehensive capabilities, including Org Browser, SOQL Builder, Retrieve & Deploy changes, Debugging, and more, elevating its stature to match its robustness.
  3. Clear Expectations: “Salesforce IDE” accurately conveys the tool’s extensive support across the entire development lifecycle.

Renaming Code Builder to Salesforce IDE could streamline communication, reinforce professional use, and align expectations.

And wouldn’t it make sense to make this available through the “Gear” icon on the top right, from where we access the declarative Setup for streamlined navigation (refer to the mocked up below)?

Rename Salesforce Code Builder to Salesforce IDE

Currently it is accessed via “App Launcher” -> “Code Builder”.

What do you think?

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