Set an Expiry Date on Permission Set & Permission Set Groups

#1MinuteTip Here is a new blog post from Salesforce Admins on how to set expiration dates for assignments on permission sets and permission set groups. Quite useful & handy when you need to grant additional permission to a user on a temporary basis. 

One of the use cases that I can think of is from my current project. We want to restrict System Admin access to UAT environment. We have created a “Read Only System Admin” to allow development team to have read only access for any kind of troubleshooting. 

But at the same time the development team needs access from time-to-time to perform any pre or post deployment activities. 

Now, with Expiry Date feature on Permission set, we can create a permission set to allow the user to make changes to the configuration for pre/post deployment activities only within a specified period, after which the permission set will expire. This will help making the org secure 

Check it out at How to Set Assignment Expiration on Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups

Set an Expiry Date on Permission Set & Permission Set Groups

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