Select All Fields in SOQL Query

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSpring21 I love this. In SOQL, you can now query all fields from an object without specifying the field names individually. Just use FIELDS(ALL), FIELDS(STANDARD) or FIELDS(CUSTOM) in SELECT statement 

select all fields in soql query

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  • Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Note Article – SOQL

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2 thoughts on “Select All Fields in SOQL Query”

  1. Using this query one can export the data from Salesforce Inspector up to 200 records. But how to get the data of the remaining records? Because every time you run the query it shows you the same 200 records for that specific object.

    1. Hi Rachna, I am not sure about Salesforce Inspector, but you can use VS Code to run the query and save the output as CSV or JSON. The maximum number of records returned by query is 50,000.

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