Salesforce Career, Hiring & Salary Guide 2021-22 by Mason Frank

#1MinuteTip Received an email today from Mason Frank containing link to download Mason’s Frank Careers & Hiring Guide for Salesforce. I haven’t gone through it entirely but found some interesting information like:

  1. Do Salesforce certifications help professionals stand out in a competitive job market?
  2. What percentage of candidates hold a salesforce certification?
  3. Top 10 certifications that will boost your pay
  4. Does salesforce trailhead increase your chances of gaining future employment?
  5. What are the top 5 attributes you need to be a contractor?
  6. What non-salesforce products are customers integrating salesforce with?
  7. What challenges do end users face when implementing Salesforce?
  8. Salesforce go-live delays
    1. How long were these delays?
    2. What factors caused the delay?

And one thing that all of us will be very interested in knowing 🙂

  1. How much do Salesforce professionals make in different roles like Admin, Developer, Consultant and Architect along with salary tables for US, Canada, UK, European countries & Australia

To download the guide please navigate to URL

Salesforce Career, Hiring & Salary Guide 2021-22 by Mason Frank

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