New Book – Salesforce for Beginners

#1MinuteTip Came across this new book on Amazon. Here is a sneak peek of the chapters in this book.

  1. Getting Started with Salesforce and CRM
  2. Understanding Salesforce Activities
  3. Creating and Managing Leads
  4. Business Development with Accounts and Contacts
  5. Driving the Sales Cycle with Opportunities
  6. Achieving Business Goals using Campaigns
  7. Enhancing Customer Service with Cases
  8. Business Analysis Using Reports and Dashboards
  9. Setup and Configuration
  10. An Overview of Sharing and Visibility
  11. User Management and Data Security
  12. Managing Projects with Sandboxes and Change Sets
  13. Using Data Modeling to Configure Objects for Your Business
  14. Lightning Experience Customization
  15. Extending Functionality with Third-Party Applications and Salesforce Mobile
  16. Salesforce Flow
  17. Approval Process
  18. Assignment Rules
  19. Data Integrity with Formulas and Validations
  20. Testing and Debugging
Salesforce for Beginners

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