New Book – Salesforce End-To-End Implementation Handbook

#1MinuteTip Came across this book “Salesforce End-To-End Implementation Handbook”. Here is the Table of Contents from this book:

  1. Creating a Vision for Your Salesforce Project
  2. Defining the Nature of Your Salesforce Project
  3. Determining How to Deliver Your Salesforce Project
  4. Securing Funding and Engaging with Salesforce and Implementation Partners
  5. Common Issues to Avoid in the Pre-Development Phase
  6. Detailing the Scope and Design of Your Initial Release
  7. Building and Testing Your Initial Release
  8. Common Issues to Avoid in the Development Phase
  9. Deploying Your Release and Migrating Data to Production
  10. Communicating, Training and Supporting to Drive Adoption
  11. Common Issues to Avoid in the Roll-Out Phase
  12. Evolving Your Salesforce Org and DevOps Capabilities
  13. Managing Your Salesforce Data to Harvest the Fruits of Customer 360
  14. Common Issues to Avoid in the Continuous Improvement Phase
Salesforce End-To-End Implementation Handbook

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