How to Get Salesforce API Usage Report?

#1MinuteTip Here is how you can get a report on Salesforce API Usage. This will be helpful if you are reaching your API allocation limits and want to find out what is causing this.

This is an out of the box report provided by Salesforce. This report provides data by user and for last 7 days only. If you need a comprehensive report, you will need to subscribe to “Event Monitoring”, which is available at additional cost.

1. This report is available in Salesforce Classic Interface and is not yet available in Lightning Experience. So switch to Classic Interface. Click on your image -> “Switch to Salesforce Classic”

Switch to Salesforce Classic Interface

2. In Classic Interface, navigate to Reports -> “Administrative Reports” folder -> Click on “API Usage Last 7 Days”

navigate to Reports -> "Administrative Reports" folder -> Click on "API Usage Last 7 Days"

3. And the report will show you the APIs call count by user and by day of week.

Salesforce API Usage Report for last 7 days

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