How to Generate & Use QR Code in SalesforceA QR code (stands for Quick Response code) is a type of two-dimensional barcode made up of matrix of dots. It contains information in strings of characters and can be scanned with a QR scanner or using your smartphone’s camera.  

QR Code was first introduced in 1994 by Japanese firm DENSO WAVE Inc. to address the limitations of the barcode that could hold approximately 20 alphanumeric characters only.

Initially designed for the automobile industry, it’s usage has expanded exponentially. It is now used by companies in many creative ways to connect with their customers

Generic uses of QR Code includes

  • Provide a link to the company’s website
  • Link to a Google Map to provide directions
  • Link to a PayPal Account to allow people to make mobile payments
  • Redirect your audience to social network accounts
  • Point to App Store to download an app
QR Code Use Cases in Salesforce

There can be many use cases for which you can generate and use QR code in Salesforce. Some of the use case that I can think of are:

  • Create Event Attendee Badges with QR codes, scan the badge on the day of the event to mark attendance
  • Record the movement of the inventory in and out of warehouses by scanning the QR codes
  • Scan items used in a service appointment using the Field Service Lightning mobile app to record products consumed
  • Create Employee badges with QR code to mark attendance

In this blog post, we will focus on how to generate and use a QR code to manage event attendance in Salesforce. With a few declarative steps, you will not only be able to send an event registration confirmation email with QR code but also have a streamlined digital mobile solution to track who among the invited have attended the event.  

This guide will walk you through how to configure and use QR Code in Salesforce in just under 30 minutes and contains:

  • Pre-work
  • Create a Custom HTML Email Template
  • Create an Email Alert & Automation Process
  • Create a Record in Salesforce
  • Scan the QR Code using Mobile Device & Update Record

Let’s get started…

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