How to Configure E-Signature in Salesforce with DocuSign

E-Signature in Salesforce

In one of our previous blog posts, we learnt how to generate pixel-perfect documents from Salesforce using Conga Composer. Now let’s go a step further. Let’s say that the documents that you are generating from Salesforce is a Contract and you need to get it signed by the customer.

Traditionally it will be done by printing the document & mailing it to your customer (with those colorful ‘Sign Here’ labels) where the customer will sign it and mail it back. And then you will probably scan it and store it your system. Elapsed time = 5 days (I am being toooo optimistic here).

Then there could be instances where the signing authority may be in a day-long meeting(s) or traveling or some similar kind of situation. Oops!

Thank God that Salesforce has a market place called AppExchange and AppExchange has a product called DocuSign.  If you want to accelerate the document signing process such as proposals, contracts, agreements, etc. in Salesforce, then using DocuSign should be the way to go.

But rather than me explaining how it works, why not go through the following video (1:18 minutes only) first and then we will get into nuts and bolts of it.

I hope you get the gist of it. With DocuSign, you can send documents electronically (and securely) for review and sign, from anywhere and on any device. You can also set up a series of recipients. Once the first recipient signs and finishes, the document automatically progresses to the next one with the earlier signature. When all the recipients are done with signing, the sender is notified that the document is completed. All the recipients are notified that all the parties have signed. Finally, the updated document gets uploaded in Salesforce. Everything without human intervention. How cool is that? 

Once installed and setup, sending documents for signatures will be a breeze. Your team and your customers will love that signing experience. So are you ready to delight them? Follow along this step by step guide and you sure will be in next 40-45 minutes.

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