GPT-4 is Out and What You Can Do with it in Salesforce?

What You Can Do with GPT-4 in Salesforce?

Just watched the live stream of the demo of GPT-4 by Greg Brockman, President and Co-Founder of OpenAI.

If you are still trying to come to terms with how the technology world shifted with ChatGPT 3+ , prepare yourself to be swept away once more with GPT-4, as it takes things to another level.

There were 7 different scenarios shown in the live demo.

Demo 1: Summarize an article into a sentence where every word of the summary begins with letter ‘g’.

Demo 2: Find common theme between two separate articles.

Demo 3: Turn a blog post into a rhyming poem.

Demo 4: Write a code for Discord bot based on the multiple lines of instructions provided in simple English.

Demo 5: Upload an image and ask ChatGPT to describe the image.

Demo 6: Draw a mockup on paper using pen, upload it to ChatGPT and ask it to create generate a webpage using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Demo 7: Paste 16 pages of tax calculation rules, and ask GPT-4 to calculate the standard deduction for a particular year.

And here are my thoughts on how some of these features can be used in our Salesforce world.

1. Summarize the entire history of a particular “Case” record in just a couple of sentences.

2. Pass a few closed lost “Opportunity” records to GPT-4 and let it find out if there is anything common in those lost opportunities.

3. State your requirements in plain English in multiple lines and let GPT-4 generate the complete Apex and/or LWC code.

4. Upload the screenshot of an error message in Salesforce and let GPT-4 analyze the error, give the reason and suggest the solution.

5. Paste the platform encryption guide to GPT-4 and ask whether a particular field can be used in filter condition or not.

6. Draw a mockup of a custom UI on paper and let GPT-4 come up with the LWC + SLDS + Apex code for the

Pretty crazy, huh?

References & Useful URLs

  • YouTube Video – GPT-4 Developer Live Stream (jump to 54:21 mins on timeline as that is where the session starts. Total demo duration is around 24-25 minutes)

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