If you are following Force.com Developer Guide, running script “ant Chapter6” throws the following error.

C:\Ashish\Salesforce\DevGuide1>ant Chapter6
Buildfile: C:\Ashish\Salesforce\DevGuide1\build.xml

[echo] This command will add all the entities you will need to begin the exercises in Chapter 6 into your target organization. The target organization is identified by the sf.username and sf.password in the build.properties file.

[input] Press any key to continue . . .

[sf:deploy] Request for a deploy submitted successfully.
[sf:deploy] Request Id for the current deploy task: 04s90000000UTN1AAO
[sf:deploy] Waiting for server to finish processing the request…
[sf:deploy] Request Status: InProgress-Processing Admin
[sf:deploy] Request Status: Completed


C:\Ashish\Salesforce\DevGuide1\build.xml:64: FAILURES:
Error: pages/initUsers.page(initUsers): may have no more than two child components

To resolve this problem remove the following line from Chapter6/package.xml file


and run the ant command again.