Cloud for Java Developers – A Salesforce & VMWare initiative

Java is one of the most preferred platform for developing Enterprise class applications and cloud computing is changing the landscape of IT. VMWare, by introducing virtualization, changed the way hardwares are provisioned and data centres are run and took cloud computing to a whole new level. When there is something cooking where all these 4 are involved, its worth taking a look.Earlier this week, and VMware jointly introduced VMforce—the first enterprise cloud for Java developers. With VMforce, you will be able to build Java cloud apps that are instantly social and available on mobile devices in real time. VMforce means developers will soon be able to use Java and Spring as well as Apex and the declarative framework to write fully native apps. Developers with Java skills or code assets will be able to easily utilize them in VMforce and use Java APIs supported by Spring Framework and JPA to connect to the database and utilize platform services. With VMforce, every Java developer is now a cloud developer.

And it’s all in the cloud, so there’s no hardware to manage and no software stack to install, patch, tune, or upgrade. Building Java apps on VMforce is easy !

Paul Maritz, president and CEO, VMware with Marc Benioff, CEO, launched VMforce on 27th April 2010 and shared his thoughts on the the direction of the industry and the need to reduce the time, cost and complexity of enterprise applications while preserving existing investments.

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