Architect’s Guide to Event Drive Architecture in Salesforce

#1MinuteTip Salesforce has published an architect’s guide to event-drive architecture in Salesforce. With event drive architecture, you can enable a system to provide near real-time updates to other systems. It offers flexibility, scalability, and consistency. This guide covers different patterns of event-driven architecture that includes:

  1. Publish / Subscribe
  2. Publish / Subscribe (Unique Copy)
  3. Fanout
  4. Claim Check
  5. Passed Messages
  6. Streaming
  7. Queuing

And for each of these patterns, it also includes 

  • Tools relevant to the pattern
  • Business use case examples
  • Considerations
  • Downloadable diagram template

Refer to this guide to view all the different tools that Salesforce provides for this architecture – Event-Driven Architecture

Event Drive Architecture in Salesforce

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