Salesforce Essentials Resources Guide

A Comprehensive & Curated List of Resources to Get Up & Running with Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials is a small-business focussed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution introduced by Salesforce in 2017. It is designed to help Small & Medium Businesses (SMB) get started with CRM instantly with easy & guided setup. It offers just the right combination of features for SMBs to come out of spreadsheets and automate their business processes.

Salesforce Essentials Features

As name suggests, it includes key Sales Cloud features such as:

  • Lead, Opportunity, Account, Contact & Case Management
  • Customizable Reports & Dashboards
  • In-app Collaboration
  • Mass Email
  • Event and Task Tracking
  • Salesforce Mobile App

Apart from these, Salesforce Essentials is also loaded with:

  • Einstein Activity Capture: Automatically add email and events to the activity timeline of related Salesforce records
  • Salesforce Inbox: Update CRM with sales data from your inbox. Log customer communications automatically, with no manual data entry. Add deals right from your inbox

Free AppExchange Solutions

Some of the technology partners have come together with Salesforce to provide start-ups with the resources they need at no extra cost to succeed in their digital transformation. They include:

  • DocuSign: eSignature solution for Small Businesses
  • Dropbox: Cloud storage solution and a central workspace to access recent version of files
  • ProposalForce: Document Management solution to create, search and categorize RFP/ RFI by Salesforce Labs

In a Small Business, people wear multiple hats. High ambitions, shoestring budget and limited resources, they have busy schedules and are super occupied with their work. They might not have someone dedicated to set the solution up for them and hence this guide.

This guide will give you links to all the useful resources that is out there on Salesforce essentials, so that you don’t have to spend your time and energy in finding out the same. It includes Trailhead Modules, Help Articles, Videos, Best Practices and everyting that I feel will help you in getting up and running with Salesforce Essentials. This alone should save you a few days of effort. 

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Please do not forget to leave a comment or share your feedback. If you find any other resource on Salesforce Essentials which is useful and is not included in this guide, do let me know. Also, if you think something wasn’t useful, mention that as well

I wish you the best in your journey to scale with Salesforce Essentials.

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