The Elite Club of Certified Technical Architects

Here is the directory of Salesforce Certified Technical Architects (CTA). Certified Technical Architect is the highest level of certification that one can earn on Technology and represents the Crème de la Crème of professionals.

Disclaimer: Please note that the list has been compiled based on the blogs, LinkedIn profiles and Google search results. This may not be an exhaustive / validated list. This list was last updated on 12-Apr-2021. (Please note that I am not updating this list anymore. As the number of CTAs continue to grow, maintaining and keeping this list up to date had become increasingly challenging.)

Well Done folks! Congratulations!

No. of Certified Technical Architects by Company

No. of Certified Technical Architects by Country Certified Technical Architects Heat Map

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3 thoughts on “The Elite Club of Certified Technical Architects”

  1. Thank you for this list I think this might have changed and might need updates as I saw a lot of them off late becoming CTA’s

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