Password Less Login to SalesforceDo you know that you can enable password less login to Salesforce? With a feature called “Lightning Login”, your users can login to Salesforce with just a mouse click and a tap on the mobile device. 

It is available for every Salesforce Org,  be it production, sandbox, developer edition, or Trailhead playground. So you can seamlessly log in to each of your environments even if you have different sandboxes, a handful of dev orgs, or dozens of Trailhead Playgrounds. Doesn’t matter!  

Lightning Login has no direct relationship with Lightning Experience (LEX) as such. It works even if you are still working in Salesforce Classic or even if the My Domain is not enabled. However, it is not supported for external users such as Community users.

Requirements to Use Lightning Login:
  1. An Android or iOS mobile device with Salesforce Authenticator app installed (Links for both apps are given below in the References section)
  2. Each user must enroll in Lightning Login by themselves i.e. link their mobile device with their Salesforce user account. Admins can guide them in the process.

Lightning Login can be enabled for the entire org or for specific users. If multi-factor authentication is enabled, this setting allows you to approve through Salesforce Authenticator mobile app notifications and verify using fingerprint authentication or a PIN.

Going forward if any of the users wish to opt-out of it, then either Admin or the users themselves can simply cancel their enrollment. 

If this sounds interesting, then follow this quick and short guide to learn how to enroll for Lightning Login in just under 10 minutes. The guide covers how to:

  • Review Default Lightning Login Setting
  • Enroll in Lightning Login
  • Register for Identity Verification
  • Approve Lightning Login Request
  • Review Changes on Subsequent Logins

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