The Most Comprehensive Guide on Salesforce Certifications

If you are new to Salesforce and wondering where and how to start your certification journey, here is your link to the most comprehensive guide on Salesforce Certifications. Salesforce now offers a total of 22 certifications across different tracks and the certification journey looks like this

Salesforce Certification Guide Tracks

To download the eBook on certification guide please navigate to URL This Salesforce Certification Guide contains:

  • Certification tracks and the certification in each track
  • Certification path/journey with links to useful resources
  • Exam overview
  • Related certifications
  • Prerequisite certifications (if any)
  • Recommended Salesforce experience
  • Time commitment

And if you are looking for some inspiration, tips & tricks you may want to refer to the blog post to hear it from CY – the man himself who has  acquired all the Salesforce certifications  or to URL to hear from Hamza Abib who acquired 5 certifications in one day. Rare accomplishments indeed !

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