Step By Step Guide To Sending SMS Declaratively from Salesforce using Twilio

Send SMS Declaratively from Salesforce

If you need to send SMS from Salesforce, you can either buy the ‘Digital Engagement’ add-on from Salesforce or go with a 3rd party solution like Twilio.

Unfortunately, Salesforce currently does not provide a trial version of the Digital Engagement. So in this blog post, we will take a look at how to use Twilio to send SMS from Salesforce. What is nice about Twilio is that it provides different ways to send SMS from a Salesforce Org. For example, you can

  • Send one-to-one SMS messages to Contacts and/or Leads (one-way or two-way) right from within Salesforce 
  • Send bulk SMS messages to all the Campaign Members at once
  • Send automated & customized SMS messages from Process Builder
  • Interact with the Twilio REST API using a flexible Apex library

In this guide, we will take a look how to configure Twilio from scratch and be able to send SMSes from Salesforce using all these options. This includes

  • Sign Up for a Twilio Account
  • Install Twilio for Salesforce
  • Create a Messaging Service
  • Create a Webhook for Messaging Service
  • Add Twilio Components to Salesforce Record Pages
  • Assign Permissions & Licenses to Users
  • Send One-to-One SMS Message to Contact/Lead
  • Send Bulk SMS Messages to Campaign Members
  • Send Automated SMS Messages from Process Builder
  • Configure Twilio for the Salesforce Mobile App
  • and Explore Pre-Built Twilio reports & Twilio SMS Inbox as Bonus

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