Send SMS Declaratively from SalesforceIf you need to send SMS from Salesforce, you can either buy the ‘Digital Engagement’ add-on from Salesforce or go with a 3rd party solution like Twilio.

Unfortunately, Salesforce currently does not provide a trial version of the Digital Engagement. So in this blog post, we will take a look at how to use Twilio to send SMS from Salesforce. What is nice about Twilio is that it provides different ways to send SMS from a Salesforce Org. For example, you can

  • Send one-to-one SMS messages to Contacts and/or Leads (one-way or two-way) right from within Salesforce¬†
  • Send bulk SMS messages to all the Campaign Members at once
  • Send automated & customized SMS messages from Process Builder
  • Interact with the Twilio REST API using a flexible Apex library

In this guide, we will take a look how to configure Twilio from scratch and be able to send SMSes from Salesforce using all these options. This includes

  • Sign Up for a Twilio Account
  • Install Twilio for Salesforce
  • Create a Messaging Service
  • Create a Webhook for Messaging Service
  • Add Twilio Components to Salesforce Record Pages
  • Assign Permissions & Licenses to Users
  • Send One-to-One SMS Message to Contact/Lead
  • Send Bulk SMS Messages to Campaign Members
  • Send Automated SMS Messages from Process Builder
  • Configure Twilio for the Salesforce Mobile App
  • and Explore Pre-Built Twilio reports & Twilio SMS Inbox as Bonus

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