Mastering Salesforce Flows


Mastering Salesforce Flows

A Comprehensive Community Powered Training Course to Crawl, Walk, Run & Fly with Salesforce Flows.

Welcome to “Mastering Salesforce Flows,” your gateway to mastering one of Salesforce’s most powerful automation tools. Whether you’re a Salesforce admin, developer, consultant, or architect this comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to harness the full potential of Salesforce Flows.

Training Course on Mastering Salesforce Flows
Salesforce Professionals Taking the Course Mastering Salesforce Flows


  • Discover insider tips and best practices from a seasoned Salesforce expert with over 34 certifications & 1200+ Badges
  • Gain hands-on experience through practical exercises and real-world examples.
  • Don’t feel like an imposter ever again as you gain confidence in your Salesforce skills.
  • Boost your productivity by automating complex business processes without writing a single line of code.
  • Unlock advanced Flow functionalities to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and drive business growth.
  • Join a thriving community of fellow learners and network with industry professionals.
Mastering Salesforce Flows will give you the knowledge, practice, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to master the concepts and become a Flow Rockstar!


  • Comprehensive video tutorials covering every aspect of Salesforce Flows, from basics to advanced techniques.
  • Downloadable step-by-step guides with exhaustive screenshots.
  • Access to a private community powered discussion forum for networking, collaboration, and ongoing support.
  • Lab exercises to solidfy your understanding and hone your skills
  • Additional challenges designed to push your skills further.
  • Interactive quizzes and assessments to reinforce your understanding and track your progress.
  • Office Hours sessions for personalized guidance and support from us. 
Training Course on Mastering Salesforce Flows
Mastering Salesforce Flows Course Roadmap

Course Curriculum

  • What is Salesforce Flows?
  • Types of Flows
  • Salesforce Flows – A Swiss Army Knife
  • Benefits of Salesforce Flows
  • Use Cases for Salesforce Flows
  • Order of Execution in Salesforce
  • What is Salesforce Flows?
  • Types of Flows
  • Salesforce Flows – A Swiss Army Knife
  • Benefits of Salesforce Flows
  • Use Cases for Salesforce Flows
  • Order of Execution in Salesforce
  • Configure Process Automation Settings
  • Introduction to Flow Builder
  • How to Create a Flow?
  • How to Deploy the Flow?
  • Building Blocks of a Flow
  • Granting Access to Flows
  • Important Flow Terminologies
  • Introduction to Record-Triggered Flows
  • Global Variables in Flow
  • Create & Test “Before” Record-Triggered Flow
  • Create & Test “After” Record-Triggered Flow
  • Create & Test Record-Triggered Flow with “Scheduled Path”
  • Manage Record-Triggered Flows on an Object
  • Introduction to Scheduled-Triggered Flows
  • Create a Schedule-Triggered Flow to Close Cases
  • Debug & Test the Flow
  • Create a Schedule-Triggered Flow to Close Cases & Send Email
  • Debug & Test the Flow
  • Introduction to Autolaunched Flows
  • Create an Autolaunched Flow
  • Debug & Test the Flow
  • Deploy the Autolaunched Flow (Custom Button)
  • Introduction to Subflows
  • Deploy the Autolaunched Flow as Subflow
  • What is Platform Event in Salesforce?
  • Introduction to Platform Event Triggered Flows
  • Create a Platform Event-Triggered Flow
  • Test Platform Event-Triggered Flow
  • Introduction to Screen Flows
  • Create a Screen Flow
  • Add Flow to Lightning Page
  • Test the Screen Flow
  • Launch Flow From Quick Action
  • Multi-Column Screen Flow
  • Introduction to Fault Path in Flows
  • Understand Options to Handle Errors in a Flow
  • Add a Static Resource
  • Add Fault Path to Flow Element
  • Test Custom Error Message in Flow
  • Save Flow Errors in a Custom Object
  • Introduction to Dynamic Forms for Flow
  • Introduction to Pausing & Resuming Flow Interviews
  • Create Dynamic Form for Flow with Pause Option
  • Deploy Screen-Flow with Quick Action
  • Configure Salesforce Org to Pause & Resume Flows
  • Test Pausing & Resuming Flow
  • Introduction to Flow Templates
  • Create a Flow Template
  • Create Flow from Template
  • Flow Templates on AppExchange
  • Introduction to Using Flows with Apex
  • Create an Apex Class
  • Create a Flow with Apex Action
  • Test the Flow
  • Call Flow from Apex Code
  • General Flow Limits
  • Per Transaction Flow Limits
  • Flow Usage Based Entitlements
  • How To Debug Flows
  • 19 Flow Best Practices

Invest in your professional development and unlock new possibilities with “Mastering Salesforce Flows.” Whether you’re aiming for career advancement, increased job opportunities, or organizational success, this course is your shortcut to mastering one of the most sought-after skills in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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What Our Participants Say About This Course!

A Training Approach Designed for Your Success!

While Mastering Salesforce Flows equips you with knowledge, hands-on practice, inspiration, and unparalleled support to become a Flow Rockstar, our unique training approach ensures it’s more than just a course where you passively watch videos in isolation.

Our courses are community powered courses that foster engagement and collaboration. Join forces with fellow learners to tap into collective knowledge, share insights, and tackle challenges alongside like-minded Salesforce enthusiasts on the same journey.

But that’s just the beginning. Explore our comprehensive training approach, meticulously crafted for your success!

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Our Happy Participants!

“The layout of the course was very well organized – logical and systematic. It was easy to follow. The fact that one can ask questions to the instructor is valuable. The instructor is very knowledgeable – his depth of understanding how Flows work is evident when difficult questions come up. Highly recommend!

- Maureen

Concepts are very clear and with this knowledge we can be master in flows implementation in any complex projects. I’m highly recommending mastering Salesforce flows course to my team.



- Murali

I have found the course so useful and helpful I cannot begin to express my gratitude. Before this course I was lost when it came to flows now I am confident

- Daniel Dowell

This course was clearly taught and well thought out. I walked away much more confident in my flow skills when it was complete. Thank you!

- Rachael

Thanks Ashish Agarwal for putting this together!! Taking your course and already applying and seeing positive impact!!

- Alexander Lee

Hi Ashish, I have purchased your flow tutorial. It is the best 👍👍.

- Natarajan Kanala

Well designed courses, well explained modules. Helps a lot to understand the various functionalities of Flows and the latest updates.

- Mathew Abraham

I like the detailed documentation and explanation. I feel more confident in flows now. Hope you can provide more scenarios.

- Nataraja

Without question, a top resource for learning, and with practice then Mastering, salesforce Flows. Definitely recommend investment of time to complete all modules. Just do it!

- Jay

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Individuals – Salesforce Administrators, Consultants, Developers or Architects who would like to master the concepts of Salesforce Flows and start using it in their Salesforce Org.​
  • Organizations – Salesforce customers, system integrators (SI), implementation partners and ISVs looking to upskill their team on Flows, reduce the technical debt and reduce the amount of customization in their Salesforce implementation.
  • This course is not intended for Salesforce end-users​
  • This course will also not be suitable for absolute beginners in Salesforce
  • The best way to get most out of this course will be do all the lab exercises. If you are not willing to commit to complete these lab exercises, you should probably not be joining this course.
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator and/or​
  • Salesforce Certified App Builder and/or​
  • Familiarity with Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX)​

Hi, I am Ashish Agarwal having 34 Salesforce certifications and 1200+ trailhead badges. I have more than 25 years of experience in Information Technology out of which 12 years have been spent in Salesforce. I started with Salesforce as an admin and then moved on to become a consultant, solution architect, technical architect, and program architect. I have also worked with Salesforce in Singapore for 4+ years and have been an advisor architect to multiple large-scale implementations.

Taking a complex topic, breaking it down and simplifying it for others to understand and use is one of the areas I am passionate about. And this blog is a live example of that with hundreds of step-by-step guides, how-tos, tips & tricks.

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