Free Workshop: Getting Started with Salesforce Flows

Not familiar with Salesforce Flows Yet? Flows has become one of the most powerful features of Salesforce. It is a declarative tool that allows you to automate business processes, schedule automations & build custom UI.

What you will learn in this workshop?

This 2 Hours workshop is a crash course on Flows where we are going to cover:


What is Salesforce Flows?

What exactly is Salesforce Flows? What is the history of Flows in Salesforce?


Types of Flows

There are 5 different types of Flows that Salesforce currently offers. We will understand these types in this workshop.


Flows - A Swiss Army Knife

We like to think of Flows as Swiss Army Knife. We will tell you why.


Benefits of Using Flows

And here we will highlight some of the benefits of using Flows. But beware – this may give you an itch to start using Flows


Business Use Cases & Demo

For all the different 5 types of Flows that we mentioned earlier, we will show you a business use case demo.


Building Flow from Scratch

And then we are going to see a live demo of how to build flow from scratch.



Last 30 minutes of the session will be kept aside to answer any burning questions that you may have on Flows.

Duration: 2 Hrs

Format: Live Online

Level: Beginner

Step-by-Step PDF

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Ashish Agarwal

Ashish is a Freelance Salesforce Architect, Trainer & Blogger with 25+ Years of Experience in Information Technology and 12+ Years in Salesforce Ecosystem having worked as an Admin, Consultant, Solution Architect, Technical Architect & Program Architect. His credentials include:

Don't Miss Out!

If you haven’t had a chance to explore Salesforce Flows yet, don’t miss the opportunity to get started with one of the most powerful & promising features of Salesforce. Salesforce Flows is becoming a “must have” skill for Salesforce professionals that you just can’t afford not to know.

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