#90 Thank you Ashish for this amazing post. This is a great tool to create and brand web forms without using LWC.

– Yusuf on blog Step By Step Guide On Using FormAssembly with Salesforce To Create Web Forms via Survey on 28-Jul-20

#89 The detailed steps and images you included helped me get set up. Your examples showed exactly what I was seeing on the screen, but when I searched for the same information in training materials Salesforce provides I could not find anything close to what I was seeing!

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#87 Just wanted to say thanks as these emails were very digestible size of information. Keep up the good work!

– Tomo on 1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute Emails via Feedback form on 23-Jul-20

#86 Hi Ashish, the step-by-step is very simple and easy to follow. I followed the steps and successfully setup the email relay from SF to our G Suite. The weired “via” strings following Sender’s email is gone. Thank you.

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