#227 very comprehensive PDF with step by step instructions – this provides a great overview of the functionality

– Hans on Step By Step Guide To Using Email Templates in Salesforce  via Feedback Form on 29-Nov-2021

#226 I was a little confused, but I think it was because I’m not familiar with LWC. However, it was well put together, thank you!

– Angel on Step By Step Guide To Getting Started With LWC  via Feedback Form on 29-Nov-2021

#225 Nothing left to be desired. I really appreciate that you pointed out whether the tool was free or paid, that is extremely helpful when you aren’t familiar with what is included and available in our package, for a lack of a better word. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your blog etc. It can be difficult to find real step-by-step instructions especially on Trailblazer, which is not my favorite learning tool.

– Angel on 21 Different Monitoring & Auditing Tools in Salesforce  via Feedback Form on 29-Nov-2021

#224 Thank you for posting guides etc. on things that I didn’t know were possible! lol. this was actually something we have been looking for to solve this exact issue!

– Angel on How to Set Up Mass Quick Action in Salesforce  via Feedback Form on 29-Nov-2021

#223 Hi Ashish, I have purchased your flow tutorial. It is the best 👍👍

– Natarajan via on Course: Mastering Salesforce Flows  via Email 18-Nov-2021

#222 Thanks for the walk through Ashish, great to see that working in an org – this would have saved a lot of work had it been in a previous release! I can think of a lot of use cases.

– Mary on Step By Step Guide to Using Restriction Rules in Salesforce  via Feedback Form on 18-Nov-2021

#221 Your website is an amazing and invaluable resource! I’m sorry I didn’t find it before studying for my Admin 201 test, it would have helped greatly! Looking forward to learning more.

– Jackie on A Comprehensive Study Guide On Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam  via Feedback Form on 17-Nov-2021