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I liked that you explained the prework done so we better understood the custom object you used for the demonstration.
Screenshots were clear; everything I hoped to have a callout and further explanation did

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#71 Thank you for all you do for the community Ashish. I really like and appreciate the content you put out!

– Ashish on 1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute Emails on Salesforce Release Features via Email on 20-Jun-20

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The layout of study items and how they are weighted
Items with their corresponding links and where you got them.”

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#69 Hello,

Your study guide on Admin exam is really comprehensive. The study guide is my goto guide while I’m preparing for certifications.

Thanks for putting in your time and efforts for making that wonderful guide. Much appreciated. 👍


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I religiously follow your blog for any details that I look for. Awesome content and your thought process on it is something that I like.

Keep up the good work ans shine always!


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Thank you for all your emails that you have been sending.
They are very helpful. Curated screenshot with crisp guidelines for a quick and easy read and simple to implement.
Appreciate your efforts in all that you do.
– Prasanna on Resources via Email on 16-May-20

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I am literally astonished by your work, and I really feel so much inspired from your dedication.

Myself a Certified Domain Architect, and exploring various things on Salesforce platform but your portal gave me more insights and directions towards my next level of steps, and it gave me the quick boost to expedite my career shift.Thanks a million, and you are definitely an inspiration to many.


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