Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Live Web Chat in Salesforce

Salesforce Live Web Chat (previously known as Salesforce Live Agent)
Salesforce Live Web Chat (Source: Salesforce)

Acknowledgement: This step-by-step guide has been contributed by one of the trailblazers – Khyati Mehta.

Salesforce Live Chat / Live Web Chat (previously known as Salesforce Live Agent) is a feature that allows customers to communicate with company via the web through instant message.

These days customers prefer Live Chat over the phone or email to communicate with the company. With Live Chat, communication is in near real time and is stress free.

In this guide we will take a look at how to configure live chat in Salesforce. We will get the basic Live Chat functionality configured and tested in just under 10 minutes and then take a look at some of the additional features and functionalities that Salesforce offers.