Step By Step Guide On Getting Started With Macros in Salesforce

Macros in Salesforce

Macros can be a huge productivity booster for your end users and can provide a great user experience in using Salesforce. If you have used macros in Microsoft Excel, you already know what it is. Macros in Salesforce also works in the same manner. It helps users perform common, repetitive tasks in a single click. For example, with the click of a button, you can  

  • send an email to a lead or contact
  • update the status of one or more records
  • create a task for self and setup due date using relative dates
  • create an event (meeting) with Lead or Contact

Step By Step Guide on Getting Started with Salesforce Console

If you are not familiar with Salesforce Console yet, you are going to find this blog post worth your while. Already included in the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud license, Salesforce Console is a tab-based workspace suited for fast-paced work environments. It is designed to put your users’ productivity on steroids

“Tell” Your Computer to Connect to Salesforce

Tell Your Computer to Connect to Salesforce

Here is a little funky trick. Next time you want to connect to Salesforce, you don’t have to open the browser, type the URL, type the username and password and click “Log In”. All you need to do is to tell your computer.

Okay, before you get too excited, I must apologize to windows users. The trick here is for Mac users. Now since I do not have a Windows PC, I can’t explore this on Windows but can’t imagine that there won’t be something similar on Windows to achieve this. Sorry about that guys.

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