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Salesforce Technical Learning Journeys

#1MinuteTip Came across a tweet from Salesforce Partners (@partnerforce) that mentions a centralized resource to dive into learning journeys for any Salesforce specific product or industry.

Here is a screenshot of the learning journey for Salesforce developers. Some these URLs point to trailhead and other resources available to everyone but some of these URLs will point to Salesforce’s Partner Learning Camp, for which you will need to be a Salesforce Partner.

Salesforce Technical Learning Journeys

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Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Video Hub

#1MinuteTip Came across this website that contains videos related to Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Program. This contains videos on

  • Multi Cloud Use Cases
  • B2B Solution Architect Tips and Tricks
  • B2B Solution Architect Learning Labs
  • B2B Solution Architect Office Hours
  • B2B Solution Architect Sessions
  • B2B Solution Architect Learning Expeditions
Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Video Hub

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Learn Salesforce Skills with Salesforce Days

#1MinuteTip Fast Track your Salesforce expertise. Learn Salesforce Skills with Salesforce Days.

Salesforce Days is an immersive experience designed to empower all types of learners and supports Salesforce partners and those new to the Ecosystem in growing their capacity and capability.

You can search by different tracks (e.g. Start your Journey, Build Your Business, Credential Prep or Tech Talks), different categories (e.g. Architect, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Platforms, Slack etc.) and by different time zones (AMER, APAC, EMEA, LATAM).

The learning starts from Jun 1, 2022 and goes on till Aug 31, 2022.

Visit this URL to register.

Learn Salesforce Skills with Salesforce Days

Salesforce Feedback Management Learning Map

#1MinuteTip There is now a learning map on Salesforce Feedback Management. This covers:

  • Discover: Learn how direct feedback helps deliver personalized experiences that improve customer expectations.
  • Get Your License: Compare licenses and identify the capabilities that you can implement in your survey.
  • Personalize: Design different types of surveys and distribute them in a way that best suits your customers’ needs.
  • Feedback Journey: Create a customer journey and map survey invitations in each stage to collect feedback and track the NPS and CSAT scores.
  • Measure Feedback: Access key metrics from across surveys and deep dive into specific areas to improve the customer experience.

Learn all about Salesforce Feedback Management at https://feedbackmanagementlearningmap.herokuapp.com/

Salesforce Field Service Lightning Learning Map

For links to more learning maps, search with keyword “Learning Map” in the right sidebar

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