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How to Configure a Custom Launchpad in Salesforce

Custom Launchpad in Salesforce Mobile

Launchpad in Salesforce is a brand new feature being introduced in the Winter ‘21 release. Once set up, users can quickly access their frequently used tabs and pages with a click from the Salesforce desktop or mobile app home page. It is common amongst users to glance through a record to get ready before their meeting while in transit and to get to that record involved a few taps. Launchpad in Salesforce minimizes those taps saving some time.

How to Configure State and Country Picklists in Salesforce

State & Country Picklist in Salesforce

Bad data is harmful for business. When the data is inconsistent or inaccurate it can cause considerable impact on organization’s efficiency. Salesforce provides many features to validate and standardize data entered by users.

State and Country Picklists in Salesforce is one such helpful feature. It lets users select states and countries from predefined, standardized lists, instead of entering them manually into text fields. These picklists are based on ISO-3166 standard values, which makes them compatible with other online applications.

10 Ways to Learn about Salesforce Winter ’21 Release Features

Don’t Miss Out on the Goodness of Salesforce Winter 21 Release Features

Winter has come. Salesforce Winter ’21 Release is now live in all Salesforce Orgs. And here are all the different ways in which you can familiarize yourself with the new features and functionalities introduced in this release.

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