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Salesforce Report – How To Use Bucket Field in Formula Field

You can create something called ‘Bucket’ field in Salesforce. With Bucket fields you can categorize the records in the report itself and on the fly. You don’t need to create a custom field on the object for this.

For example, let say that if you are creating a report on Opportunity and want to categorize the opportunities in the buckets of ‘small’, ‘medium’ & ‘large’ based on the opportunity amount. You don’t need to define this category as a formula field on the Opportunity object. You can create a bucket field in the report and categorize opportunity records on the fly in report itself.

Step By Step Guide To Integrating Google Sheets with Salesforce

Integrating Google Sheets with Salesforce

There are some tools that is so easy, intuitive, and flawless to use that you fall in love with it. In this blog post, we will be covering one of such tools.

Data Connector for Salesforce is a Google Sheets add-on developed by Google Cloud. It is a very intuitive tool with powerful features and operations. This add-on was first made available on Google Workspace in late 2018 and is being regularly updated. It makes working with your Salesforce data seamless and a breeze. 

How To View Child Records in a Timeline For a Parent Record

Use “Timeline” Lightning Component from AppExchange

Salesforce View Child Records in a Timeline

At times, in Salesforce, you may want to see the child records for a parent record in a timeline or chronological order. For example, if we talk about a particular Account, you may want to see the opportunities, cases, orders, contacts in a chronological order to understand the chain of events. Things like after coming in touch with a new contact for customer, the no. of opportunities increased or when a case was created, the no. of orders reduced.

11 Ways to Get Yourself Up To Speed on Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Features

Don’t Get Left Behind on all the Innovations and New Features

Salesforce Spring 21 Release FeaturesSalesforce Spring ’21 Release here. And here are all the different ways in which you can familiarize yourself with the new features and functionalities introduced in this release.

1. Sign Up for my “1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute” Email series on Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Features

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