How to Configure & Use Email To Salesforce

Email to Salesforce

Salesforce offers a few ways to marry the emails, contacts and calendar from your email application to Salesforce. This means that you can surface the data from your email application to Salesforce and vice versa. This offers a few benefits like having a more complete picture of the customer inside CRM, information becoming visible to the wider team in your Salesforce Org, less switching between the applications, better productivity,  better collaboration internally and with the customer etc. 

The different options available for this integration are

  1. Email to Salesforce (Free)
  2. Outlook Integration / GMail Integration (Free)
  3. GMail Integration and Sync / Outlook Integration and Sync (Free)
  4. Einstein Activity Capture (Free for upto 100 Users)
  5. Salesforce Inbox (Paid)
  6. 3rd Party Products on AppExchange (Paid)

How to Mass Email All Salesforce Users

It is sometimes amazing to note that we miss such obvious things in Salesforce. For example, before today if you asked me send a mass email to all Salesforce users informing them about something (e.g. an upcoming maintenance window or a new Salesforce feature), my first thought would have been to create a report of all actives users in Salesforce with their email addresses, download the report and then send an email using my email client.

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