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Step By Step Guide To Salesforce Files

Salesforce Files

With Salesforce Files, your users can upload files in Salesforce, preview, share and collaborate on files, attach files to records, store files privately, manage version updates, and follow files that are important to you. You can also make files available publicly via a link.

The file engagement related list shows how many times the file has been viewed and downloaded. You can create libraries, attach files, and expose it to your Partner and Customer Community users also.

How to Share File Via Public Link in Salesforce

#1MinuteTip You can share file via link with anyone inside or outside of your Salesforce organization. Create and send the public link through email or a message. You need to have the System Permission “Create Public Links” via your profile or permission set

Upload the file in Salesforce -> Click ‘Public Link’ -> Click ‘Create Link’

How to Share File Via Public Link in Salesforce

Click ‘Copy Link’ -> Share it through email or a message. The recipient can open the web-based version of the file. They can preview and download it.

How to Share File Via Public Link in Salesforce

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How to Integrate Document Management System with Salesforce using Salesforce Files Connect

Surface files from Google Drive, SharePoint, Quip or Box inside Salesforce

Salesforce Files Connect

With Files Connect, Salesforce users can access, share, and search files stored externally (in systems like Google Drive, SharePoint, Quip or Box) from inside Salesforce. Setup process to connect to each external data source is different and it varies by each data source.

Google Drive is most common use case for Files Connect as lot of small and medium size organizations are using Google suite of business apps to run their business. Hence, for the purpose of this blog post, I’ll walk you through how to connect to Google Drive using Files Connect. Once connected, you can use your Google Drive files in Salesforce to attach to records and share with your colleagues.

There are two important points that you need to note with regards to Salesforce Files Connect

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