Salesforce Introduces a New Loyalty Management Product

#1MinuteTip Salesforce, today, announced a new product called Loyalty Management. The product will allow companies to build loyalty programs that fits their specific needs using clicks and not code. Salesforce Loyalty Management will include the follow capabilities

  • Flexible and complete loyalty platform
  • Personalized loyalty offerings to drive business value
  • Integrate loyalty throughout the entire organization with a single source of truth
  • Measure loyalty program performance

To find out more about this announcement, please refer to URL Salesforce Introduces Loyalty Management to Help Drive More Meaningful Customer Loyalty Experiences

Salesforce Loyalty Management

#DreamTX – Salesforce Introduces Einstein Form Reader

#1MinuteTip #DreamTX Salesforce Introducing Einstein Form Reader with Einstein OCR API. Read Data from Form Images and populate it in Objects automatically. Pretty cooool !

Einstein Form Reader

Here is how the data captured from driving license will look like

And here is how the data captured from a form will look like

Einstein Form Reader

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Salesforce Introduces Salesforce Hyperforce

#1MinuteTip Salesforce is now available to deploy Salesforce securely on major public clouds. So, what is Hyperforce? Hyperforce is 

  1. HYPERCOMPLIANT – Store data locally. Keep it compliant globally 
  2. HYPERSCALABLE – Implement faster with a super flexible infrastructure.
  3. HYPERSECURE – Protect sensitive data with built-in trust.
  4. HYPERCOMPATIBLE – Future-proof your apps with backward compatibility.

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  1. Salesforce Press Release – Introducing Salesforce Hyperforce
  2. Salesforce Hyperforce
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