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#1MinuteTip Salesforce is working on the next stage of programming using AI – Speak to code. We are all familiar with the dictation applications where you speak, and the app will translate it to text. CodeGen will take it to another level where you speak and the application will create a code. That is, you can now code with natural language commands, instead of writing code by hand.

CodeGen is the conversational AI programming system that takes low-code to the next level, generating code automatically based on prompts from developers, which lightens the need for writing code itself.

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What is Salesforce CodeGen?

#1MinuteTip Imagine writing an app, just by telling the computer what you want. Like “speech-to-text” applications, where you speak to the computer, and it types it out for you, Salesforce CodeGen will allow you to use natural language to describe what you want the code to do and it will generate the code for you.

Sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie? It will soon be possible.

salesforce codegen

To learn more about CodeGen refer to the following articles on Salesforce’s website:

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