How To Use Screen-Flow to Upload Files & Make it Mandatory

How To Use Screen-Flow to Upload Files & Make it Mandatory

Uploading Files through Screen Flow is a bit tricky. We can’t use ‘Create Record’ element like we can for creating other records. And then we can’t even make the file upload mandatory like we can make other fields mandatory in Screen Flow. 

This is a question that was asked by one of our Mastering Salesforce Flows course participants and since the solution is not very straight forward, we thought of documenting the whole solution in a step-by-step guide format  and share with everyone.  

Metadata components that needs to be manually deployed in Salesforce

When you want to deploy changes from one Salesforce org to another, you can choose any of the following tools to transport changes from one Salesforce org to another Salesforce org.

  1. Change SetsDeploy components from one Salesforce Org to another
  2. Migration Tool (ANT based)
  3. SFDX Command Line Tool
  4. Microsoft VS Code with Salesforce Extensions
  5. 3rd Party AppExchange Product (e.g. Dreamfactory)

All these tools use Metadata API to extract and deploy changes. (Tools like “ Migration Tool” can also be used to automate the backup your Salesforce org’s configuration).

Step By Step Guide to Creating Schedule-Triggered Flow in Salesforce

Schedule Triggered Flow in Salesforce

Introduced in Salesforce Winter ’20 release, Schedule-Triggered Flow in Salesforce is one of the many types of Flows that you can use to automate your business processes. You can set this Flow to run at a specific time at:

  • Once
  • Daily or
  • Weekly

With schedule-triggered Flows, you can potentially avoid using Apex Schedule Jobs using Batch Apex. Now you have the option of meeting repetitive business requirements without using the development capabilities of the platform. For example, sending birthday greetings every morning to customers who have their birthdays on that day, or closing Cases every night that are in a specific status after a certain number of days has passed.

Development & Release Management Flow for Salesforce

Development & Release Management Flow for Salesforce

Implementing Salesforce or already using Salesforce? Do you have a well-defined development & release management process to ensure that you are doing it the right way, using all the proper tools & technologies, automating processes where it can and should be automated?

Do you have a proper process to ensure that you are building an optimal solution on Salesforce, leveraging on the platform’s features and capabilities, not incurring technical debt and not cutting corners on best practices?

Enable / Disable Users to Login to Salesforce Using Login Flow

A Step by Step Guide on using Login Flow

Salesforce Login Flow

Occasionally you may want to disallow users to login to Salesforce. For example, if you are deploying new features or functionalities, or performing system maintenance or data migration or because of any other reason. You may want to disallow all the users or only a group of users or just some specific users. What will be the best way to do this? There are a few options to achieve this. For example, you can

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