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Implementing Salesforce for the first time or enhancing it further? You need to make sure that the solution on Salesforce is optimal to meet your business requirements and is also secure, performant, scalable, & maintainable.

You may be implementing Salesforce in-house or through a partner. Want to run your architecture &  design by an experienced set of eyes? Have you considered Salesforce Governor limits? Have you considered the data growth & archiving? Have you considered all the different features that Salesforce offers and selected the most optimal option? Have you explored the 3rd Party products from AppExchange, or are you going to write custom codes? Will there be any technical debt?

It will be a good idea to get a fresh perspective on the solution, consider the alternatives and cover your blind spots.

I can help you design the solution from scratch or review it. This can include all or any of the following.

  • End-to-end technical & solution architecture and design (with documentation) on all the Salesforce clouds mentioned above 
  • Single org Vs. multi org strategy
  • Advise on Salesforce license types
  • Data architecture & design covering data modeling & database design, handling large data volumes, data archiving & purging strategy, data migration strategy and plan 
  • Security architecture & design covering OWDs, record sharing rules, Salesforce Shield, Transaction Security Policy, multi-factor authentication, Salesforce Mobile App, files security and other Salesforce declarative and programmatic security features
  • Identity & access management architecture & design covering  Single Sign On (SSO) using SAML, Delegated Authentication or OAuth, Just In Time Provisioning (JIT), 3rd Party Identity Providers (IdPs) or using Salesforce as IdP, Multi-Factor Authentication, OAuth Solution, Connected Apps
  • Integration architecture & design covering recommending optimal integration patterns & tools (e.g. Salesforce APIs, Apex, Platform Events, Streaming API, Change Data Capture, Outbound Messaging, Canvas Apps etc.), use of a middleware, identify trade-offs, limitations and constraints. This also covers ensuring a robust integration security framework and staying within the boundaries of Salesforce governor limits.
  • Come up with Development Lifecycle & Deployment guidelines that includes defining governance framework, DevOps model, technical & design standards, requirement traceability, environment management and sandbox strategy, source control & branching strategy, code scanning tools, CI/CD tools, testing strategy and automation.

Need to train your admins, consultants, developers, or users on Salesforce? Creating step-by-step guides, training programs and workshops is my specialty and I have been doing this for last 5-6 years.

These trainings / workshops can be on standard Salesforce features and functionalities covering the clouds mentioned above, Integration, Single Sign On, DevOps etc. or can be custom made specific to your implementation and its features and functionalities.

These guides, workshops & trainings can be delivered in live online sessions or as video recordings, presentations & PDF

I am also available for short term / ad-hoc consultation on any of the areas as mentioned above. 

If you have been using Salesforce for a long time, it is important to have your org periodically assessed for security, performance, data, adherence to best practices and accumulation of technical debt and take corrective actions.

This is to make sure that Salesforce will continue to serve you well in future. After all, if the foundation of the house you live in has become weak or crumbling, you wouldn’t want to live in that.

I can help assess your Salesforce Org on all the mentioned parameters and provide a detailed report with recommendations. (I have done this for a number of clients when I was working with Salesforce Singapore as Sr. Program Architect)

Got a crazy idea? Got a complex problem? Want to try something new but do not have the required know-how or enough bandwidth? If you have new ideas that needs to be tested, I can help you do the R&D, come up with all the different options and set up a proof of concept.

Trying out new ideas and stretching the boundaries of the technology is right up my alley. So let’s talk about what’s on your mind and we’ll see how to go from there.

You may be an SI coming up with estimation for the implementation or a customer engaging with an SI. Do you need someone to estimate or vet the effort for Salesforce implementation?

I can help you estimate or vet the estimation effort for your project.

One of the biggest challenges that I have faced working as a technical / program architect in Salesforce is the lack of documentation. And while creating detailed comprehensive documents goes against the principles of agile methodology, there must be a set of baseline documents covering all the important aspects. Like a high-level solution design & architecture blueprint.

Do you have a baseline set of documents of your Salesforce Implementation? Do you know the overall system landscape, data model, what the different customizations, which modules are in use? How is your system integrating with other systems? What is your security architecture and how does your identity & access management solution look like? If not, let’s talk and figure out how I can help you come up with these documents.

Looking to hire Salesforce professionals but lack the time or skills? I can help you interview Salesforce professionals and make sure that you get just the right member for your team. 

I can help you interview Salesforce Architects, consultants & administrators (no developers)

Want to have a Salesforce architect on your side but don’t require it to be full time? I can be your trusted advisor, provide the guidance whenever needed and vet all architecture and design decisions. I can help you put the guardrails around your Salesforce implementation and avoid making costly technical mistakes.   

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