Send Customized Desktop Alerts or Push Notifications on Mobile When Important Events Occur

Salesforce Custom NotificationsSalesforce Custom Notifications is yet another cool and useful feature that was introduced in Summer ’19 release. This is a new way to keep your users in the know when important events occur. You can send push notifications on mobile or desktop alerts when a record is created or edited and any specific condition is met.

Salesforce Custom Notifications Setup

Setting up Custom Notifications is an easy, declarative process. You start with creating a custom notification type, enable Lightning Experience & Mobile App notifications and then use ‘Send Custom Notification’ action in a Process or Flow. In Summer ’19 this action was available only in Process Builder but now with Winter ’20 it is available as a core Flow action as well.

Better Alternative to Email Alerts

Salesforce Custom Notifications is actually a better alternative to sending emails to users every time certain conditions are met. For e.g. If a Case is created for an Account then sending a custom notification to Account owner with Case details is better than sending an email. It is beneficial because once user clicks on the notification, he/she can directly access that particular record. Also, there is less switching between the apps.

With this step-by-step guide, you will be able to configure and send custom notifications in about 15-20 minutes. Here’s what this guide covers:

  • Create a Custom Notification Type
  • Enable Notifications in Lightning Experience & Salesforce Mobile App
  • Create a Process to Send Notification
  • Test Custom Notification

So why not give it a try and implement this in your Salesforce org, if you find this useful.

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