A Company’s logo is its brand identity. People recognize brands by their logos. For e.g. People recognize “Three Stripes” as Adidas or “Yellow M Letter” as McDonald’s. These logos are visually attractive and make their brands stand out to be identified easily. Similarly Account Logos in Salesforce have the same purpose. They make an Account record page visually appealing. It helps users identify accounts easily.

You can enable Account Logos in setup along with Automated Account Fields. Once enabled and when you are trying to create a new account, you will get company suggestions with logo to choose from. When selected, Account Logo appears besides Account Name and other fields such as website, address, phone etc. also get populated automatically to save you time.

Enable Account Logos

It is a cinch to Enable Account Logos. Just log in to your Salesforce org as an admin -> Go to setup -> type “Account Settings” in Quick Find Box -> Click “Account Settings”.

Enable Account Logos in Salesforce

Click “Edit”.

Enable Account Logos in Salesforce

Check “Enable Automated Account Fields” & “Enable Account Logos”. Click “Save”. That’s it!

Enable Account Logos in Salesforce

Now let’s check how an account looks with this makeover. When creating a new Account, once you type in the account name, it will start showing suggestions with their respective logos. Choose the appropriate account -> Fill in the rest of the fields and you are all set.

Accounts Logos in Salesforce

Once Account is created, its logo is shown besides its name making it visually appealing and easy to connect.

Accounts Logo in Salesforce

You also have an option to remove the logo if no longer needed or flag for review if logo is incorrect or image quality is poor.

Remove or flag Account Logo in Salesforce

Please also note the following with regards to Account Logos

  1. Salesforce displays company logos only in Lightning Experience, only when it is available and only on US-based accounts only. So if you are working on an account outside US you will not be able to see their logo.
  2. Account Logo feature works only when you are creating new accounts. Salesforce will not update the existing accounts and even if you edit an existing account and type the account name again in the name field, it won’t show you the logo. 🙁


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  2. Help Article – Enable Automated Account Fields – https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=account_autofill.htm&type=5