How to Import Contacts in Salesforce From Mobile Device & Google ContactsA mobile phone is usually the first place where we store our contacts. And this is followed by storing it in the address book in our email program be it Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, GMail or something else.

For new users of Salesforce, it will be quite convenient if they can upload all the contacts from their address book to Salesforce rather than creating it one by one. And for all users of Salesforce, it will be quite convenient if they can create a contact record in Salesforce by copying the contact data from their mobile device.

The good news is that both of the above-mentioned options are not only possible but also quite easy to accomplish. For importing contact from a mobile device, Salesforce provides a simple setting for Salesforce Mobile App, that can be turned on at any time. And for bulk import from the address book, there is an import wizard.

Here’s a short step by step guide which will walk you through both the methods of importing Contacts in Salesforce. You will learn how to:

  • Enable Device Access Settings
  • Import Contact From Mobile Device
  • Bulk Import Contacts Using a CSV File
  • Review the Created Contact Records

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