Did you know that the Add or Edit products screen on Opportunity and Quote has a name? If yes then that’s great, but did you also know that it can be customized? Yes, you heard it right! That screen is called as Product Multi-Line Layout and you can customize the columns that display when you click ‘Edit All’ in the Products related list on Opportunity and Quote.

Customize Multi-Line Layout for Opportunity Product

Login to your Salesforce org -> Navigate to ‘Object Manager’ in setup -> Type ‘Opportunity’ in quick find box -> Click ‘Opportunity Product’

(Hover/Click on images to enlarge)

object manager

Click ‘Page Layouts’

page layouts

Click the ‘Opportunity Product Layout’

opportunity product page layout

Click ‘Edit Multi-Line Layout’

edit multi-line layout

Click a field under ‘Available Fields’ -> Click ‘Add’ to move it to ‘Selected Fields’ -> Click ‘Save’ Note: Product Multi-Line Layout does not support formula fields. If there is a formula field added under ‘Selected Fields’ then it will be skipped and the next field will be shown in the front UI.  

select fields and save

Click ‘Save’


Navigate to an Opportunity record -> Click ‘Edit Products’ in Products related list

click edit all in Products related list on Opportunity

Voila! ‘List Price’ field that we selected is added in the Product Multi-Line Layout. That was a piece of cake! 

field added
Customize Multi-Line Layout for Quote Line Item

Navigate to Quote Line Item page layout -> Click ‘Edit Multi-Line Layout’ by following the same steps like earlier. Move the field that you wish to add under ‘Selected Fields’. Click ‘Save’.

quote line item select fields

Navigate to Quote Line Item Edit Products page and verify that the field has been added. C’est très bien!

columns customized in quote line item

This way you can customize the Product Multi-Line Layout to show your users key details when adding or editing products to Opportunity and Quote.